Bowen Therapy: Resetting the body

Our bodies are continually adapting to daily stress/tension/trauma and responding by protecting and creating a reflex. A disruption of the structure of a body tissue often leads to a disruption of the function. The Bowen Technique addresses the structures of the body, which, in turn, helps to restore the functions of the body. The Bowen Technique helps to shift the body from the sympathetic 'fight or flight' state to the parasympathetic 'rest and digest' state. It is only in the parasympathetic state that the body has the ability to heal itself.


The Bowen Technique involves a gentle rolling motion over the belly of a muscle, a tendon, and/or a nerve. This motion is referred to as a 'move'. It is this 'move' that stimulates the body's innate ability to heal itself. The move sends a subtle message along the proprioceptive nerve pathways, sending information along the central nervous system to the brain. The effect of this is a resetting of the autonomic nervous system, which leads to: relaxed muscles and fascia in proper alignment, and improved lymph and blood flow.

A typical session takes place over 30 to 45 minutes, with occasional 2-5 minute breaks during the session to allow the body to integrate the treatment. Sessions are usually part of a series of three to five sessions, beginning with general 'moves' on the lower and upper back, before moving on to problem areas specific to the person being treated.


Conditions that respond to the Bowen Technique:

  • Musculoskeletal Concerns (cervical spine issues, sports injuries, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, bunions, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, muscle spasms, hernia, jaw problems (TMJ))    

  • Respiratory Concerns  (allergies, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis)

  • Digestive Concerns (constipation, colic, indigestion, bowel problems)

  • Gynecological Concerns (infertility, mastitis, breast lumps, PMS)

  • Other Conditions (chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep concerns, acute and chronic stress, bed-wetting)        

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