• Tempeh & Kale Stir-fry- Spring 2014 post

    Here is a great meal using the extremely healthy but lesser known tempeh. What is tempeh you ask? It’s fermented soy beans that have been pressed to form a patty. What makes it different from tofu is that it is fermented and whole soy bean is retained, which gives it a higher protein, vitamin, and fibre content. The flavour of tempeh is often described as “earthy”. 

    Because it’s a healthy option, I’m always looking for new ways of incorporating it into my diet. This recipe is super easy to make and can be enjoyed as a savoury breakfast (which is how I like to have it) or can be served at lunch/dinner with a soup or over top brown rice.

    The other ingredient I’d like to highlight is the Umeboshi paste. Umeboshi translates to English to mean “ Japanese salt plums”. It has a sour and salty flavour and a little goes a long way. It can be found at most specialty food stores (If you’re here in BC - I’ve seen it at Choices Market). If you have a hard time finding it, you can substitute tamari/liquid soy for flavouring.

    Tempeh & Kale Stir fry


    Serves 2


    1 package tempeh - cubed

    1 small red onion- sliced into half moons

    4 cups kale- spines removed and chopped


    1-2 tsp coconut oil

    1/2 -1 tsp Umeboshi paste  -pickled plum puree (based on flavour preference)

    2 Tbsp sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds



    sauerkraut to garnish 

    you can substitute tamari/liquid soy for the ume plum sauce 


    sauté tempeh (cubed) and red onion ( half moon) in coconut oil

    chop up 1-2 cups kale

    add ume plum sauce (1 tsp) and 1 tsp h20, add Kale

    sauté 1-2 min on low medium

    top with sesame oil and 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds

    sauerkraut to top - I used wild brine arame and ginger sauerkraut salad (delish!!)


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